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Carriage House Stamped Short Panel

Choose the pattern and colors that you want! We offer a wide variety of short panel garage doors.

• 5216- Sandwich Style- Polyurethane- R-value- 16.55 • 5283- Sandwich Style- Polystyrene- R-value- 9.65 • 5250- Pan Style- Polystyrene- R-value- 7.94 • 5251- Pan Style- Non-insulated- R-value-0



Window Insert Options

We offer garage door windows in all shapes and sizes. Choose the design that best suits the look of your garage, home, or business.

Glass Options

Clear glass comes standard, but we also offer several options including tempered glass, frosted glass, tinted glass, insulated glass, and others.

Designer Glass

*Only available on 5216 and 5283 styles Ask about our designer glass options for your garage door!

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